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SPC-RB – Chuck Type + Roller bed

The SPC-RB Range are CNC pipe cutting machines that clamp and rotate the pipe in a chuck during cutting. The pipe is supported on a roller bed and logistical conveyors make the machine highly productive by reducing the handling speed.

During cutting, parts can be conveyed out of the cutting area generating a constant flow of cut material from the machine. There are multiple distinct layouts available with a variable degree of automation.

A basic SPC-RB contains the following components:

  • Software (programming & work preparation)
  • Three jaw chuck (floating during cutting)
  • Roller Bed with independent sets of support rolls
  • Machine frame
  • Operator interface
  • Logistic system


Unique feature:

Idle time of the machine is reduced to a minimum by enabling the operator to feed out cut parts while continue cutting, due to sets of support rolls which can be lowered independently. The chuck can slide sideways to allow material to pass through and during cutting the chuck is floating to absorb horizontal and vertical movement caused by the effects of deformed material during rotation.

The SPC is applied in the following industries:

  • Steel construction; arenas/stadiums, bridges, attractions, exhibition centers, airports
  • Process industry; piping, manifolds, heat exchangers, boilers, plants
  • Offshore; jackets and jack-ups

Open this product sheet to learn more about the unique features of the SPC-RB pipe cutting machine

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